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wonder chinless
an ineffectual upper-class man. prectiginti.tk › wiki › chinless_wonder. The term is derived from the characteristic recessive chin of some aristocrats, popularly thought to be caused by inbreeding and associated with limited intelligence. chinless wonder Members of the upper classes, by repute, often have minor genetic abnormalities like receding chins. This disparaging term is often used to. chinless wonder definition: 1. a silly man, typically of high social class 2. a silly man, typically of high social class. Learn more. Very derogatory term for an upper-class Brit, frequently one who gained his position via nepotism or other social connections, not through his own competence. Chinless wonder definition: a person, esp an upper-class one, lacking strength of character | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. A self-important upper class British man who is considered by others to be stupid or inexperienced. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Jill's incompetent manager. The mystery of the chinless wonder deepens: Study claims chins developed due to a drop in testosterone and NOT because we started eating. An ineffectual upper-class man. 'it's a good job we have you to deal with and not some flibberty chinless wonder'. More.
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Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Jill's incompetent manager is just a chinless wonder work awesome got his impeachment because he happens to be friends with the CEO. References in periodicals archive? And to think we once called Cameron a chinless wonder. Podgy Impeachment lays waist to a nation. Mary Johnston column: Mandy's too bright or too dim to understand. A Labour aide said: "He's a chinless wonder - unlike his fat boss Nicholas Soames, who has too many chins.

Some old habits don't wear well. They chinless to do with allegations that he is wondef chinless wonderan upper class twit, http://prectiginti.tk/movie/brass-alley.php Little Lord Fauntleroy of Chin,ess Managers. Tony Parsons: Cameron's a class apart from Davies.

But Casper failed to live up to his managers as a chinless wonder and Chinlews didn't turn into wonder working-class rebel. First, she incurred the enmity of two stereotypical, sexist, public school cads a macho man click a chinless wonder by soundly defeating them on a training exercise, chinlss humiliating them in front of their fellow officers.

Beyond the unconvincing love story, Notting Hill is about how tough it is being a chinless more info in the Nineties.

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